The Rotary Club of Bedworth works with many aspects of the community, both locally and internationally, but one area it is proud to support is the set of Youth competitions that it runs in conjunction with Nicholas Chamberlaine School. One such competition is Rotary Young Photographer. This competition aims to encourage young people to experiment with photography, using digital or traditional methods to express their ideas through the medium of photography. The competition is run across Great Britain & Ireland, with a theme being set each year. For 2015-16, the theme was "Our world is beautiful". As well a three photographs, participants has to submit a statement of up to 50 words describing the inspiration behind their entries. This can help the judges gain a little insight into the ideas behind what they can see visually.

Skye Harris and Tayla Banks with their trophies

Skye and Tayla with headteacher Mrs Ramsay and Rotary President Peter

This year we had 7 entries, 2 in the senior (14-17 year old) age group and 5 in the intermediate (11-13 year old). This was the first time we had entries in the younger group, something that may be due to the visit to the school last year of Meg Fenton, a Rotary World Peace Fellow and Professional Photojournalist, who spoke to one of the classes and clearly left them more than a little inspired!

The judges opinions were divided on some of the entries, but thankfully agreed on clear winners in the two categories, with Tayla Banks receiving the trophy for the intermediate age group and Skye Harris receiving hers for the senior age group. One particular image in Skye's entry stood out as it consisted of a winter scene in Bedworth town centre featuring a recognisable part of the Almshouses providing a splash of colour between the snow covered trees. This will soon feature on the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trusts website - providing a little more exposure for Skye's work.

All 21 photographs forming the 7 entries in the competition have been in the Civic Hall as part of a display there for two weeks and we are grateful to Tim Norton and the other staff there for providing us with that opportunity.

Both Tayla and Skye are now progressing to the Rotary District level of the Young Photographer competition and we wish them every success there.

Senior Winner Skye - Photo 1Senior Winner Skye - Photo 2Senior Winner Skye - Photo 3

Intermediate Winner Tayla - Photo 1Intermediate Winner Tayla - Photo 2Intermediate Winner Tayla - Photo 3