ShelterBox with contentsShelterBox is the largest of the Rotary "Emergency Box" schemes. Each box contains a tent to accommodate an extended family (up to 10 people) together with appropriate survival equipment. The basic concept is that the ShelterBoxes are packed and stored in warehouses ready for deployment in times of disaster - whether natural or man made in origin. Situations around the world are monitored and ShelterBox Response Teams are on standby to accompany the boxes on a deployment so that they can be put to use in the best way for the particular situation.

Full details are available via, including the current status of the various deployments.

The Bedworth Rotary Club treated ShelterBox as its main external charity for 2013-14. A quarter of the way into the year we were able to purchase our first ShelterBox, with two more added to this when we heard the news of the typhoon impacting on the Philippines. A fourth ShelterBox was added in December after our charity collection across the 13th and 14th at Tesco raised over £700.

The sixth form council at Nicholas Chamberlaine School have also been great supporters of ShelterBox with a special fundraising event in April 2014. This included a demonstration ShelterBox that was in place at the school for a full day and resulted in over £500 being raised. More recently, the group raised a further £500 for ShelterBox, which was presented to the Rotary Club in December 2015. This, together with the proceeds of a collection at Tesco on the 11th & 12th December and a grant from the Rotary Foundation, allowed us to fund three more ShelterBoxes. We will be watching the organisation's website with interest to see where in the world they are deployed. This tracking is possible as each box has its own unique number which is communicated back to the purchaser. The status of all the boxes we have funded as a Club can be seen via this report.

The gallery here should give a good indication of how and where ShelterBoxes have been used around the world in recent years, with the first few pictures coming from the Philippines in November 2013.