The second of the 2013 trips under the Blackpool Holidays scheme was very nearly limited to a visit to the Ex-Servicemen's Club car park for the Bedworth participants! The coach driver that was scheduled to collect from Bedworth first at 9am on Thursday 25th July and then head over to pick up the Nuneaton participants appeared at Nuneaton first and would have gone directly to Blackpool had it not been for the action of a Rotarian onsite at the Nuneaton pick up point. After a few phone calls the misunderstanding was quickly rectified and the driver collected the waiting group from the Ex-Servicemen's Club after all. It was also confirmed that a "comfort break" at Keele Services would be included in the journey after some feedback from the June trip.

Bedworth Rotarians Ken Whitehead, Peter Summers, Ken Elliott and our lead organiser Lorraine Cope all turned out to give this week's holidaymakers a good send off.

Blackpool Holidays - Week 2Blackpool Holidays - Week 2Blackpool Holidays - Week 2Blackpool Holidays - Week 2