This fundraiser had to be put on hold due to severe flooding of the fields over the Winter. The aim is to release the horse into the field towards the end of April so there is still time to buy a square and have the chance of winning £25.

Our Club President goes horse riding at the Father's Heart Youth Ranch (, which we have supported previously, and asked for permission to use one of the horses to carry out this fundraiser. Once the squares have been sold on the grid (to match the shape and size of the field), the horse will be released into the field and left to wander freely until nature takes its course and it drops its plop. Whichever square on the grid matches the drop point will earn £25 for the 'owner' of that square.

This fundraiser is aimed at raising the funds to buy 2 drums for the Rainbow Sunshine Company (a local group for vulnerable adults) and to provide prizes for competitions we run for our local secondary school.

So all you have to do is choose the square(s) that you think the horse will drop the plop in and wait to see if you win the £25. Each square costs £2.

The available squares have a location reference in them. The reserved (pending donation) ones are marked with an 'R' and the squares that are marked with an 'O' are owned by someone.

Contact us through our Facebook page, if you would like to get involved.