The members of the Bedworth Rotary Club really appreciate the generosity of Tesco customers on Saturday 9th December. Their charity collection run from 9am to 7pm raised an amazing £431.73. If anyone visiting Canada, Jamaica, Japan or the Eurozone countries would like the odd coins we received relevant to those countries, please do get in touch. :-)

Despite the overnight snowfall, Bedworth Rotarians continued their weekend of collecting from 10am to 4pm on Sunday 10th December and raised a further £149.90 and only one further foreign coin! This made a total of £581.63 across the two days, so a big thank you is due to the customers of Tesco for their generosity.

Tesco Tin Shake - Ken and PeterTesco Tin Shake - KenTesco Tin Shake - ShelterBoxTesco Tin Shake - Chris and Gary