The members of the Bedworth Rotary Club really appreciate the generosity of Tesco customers on Saturday 9th December. Their charity collection run from 9am to 7pm raised an amazing £431.73. If anyone visiting Canada, Jamaica, Japan or the Eurozone countries would like the odd coins we received relevant to those countries, please do get in touch. :-)

Despite the overnight snowfall, Bedworth Rotarians continued their weekend of collecting from 10am to 4pm on Sunday 10th December and raised a further £149.90 and only one further foreign coin! This made a total of £581.63 across the two days, so a big thank you is due to the customers of Tesco for their generosity.

Tesco Tin Shake - Ken and PeterTesco Tin Shake - KenTesco Tin Shake - ShelterBoxTesco Tin Shake - Chris and Gary

Skittles Evening - 4th October 2013

SkittlesWe are held our popular Skittles Evening fundraising event on Friday 4th October at Barnacle Village Hall. This was ideal venue as it not only has three different variations of the skittles game (alley, table and "cheeses"), but it also has a licensed bar - useful for celebrating or drowning sorrows!

The doors opened at 18:30, with the first games kicking off at a little after 19:15. The entry fee of £8 per person included a "fish 'n' chip" supper that arrived about an hour after starting and were certainly appreciated.

All the profits of the event boosted the Club's charitable activities, with the primary focus this year being ShelterBox, an organisation that does some amazing work in disaster areas around the world. This currently includes providing temporary accommodation for Syrian refugees.

Over 60 people had a thoroughly enjoyable night, although it was tinged with a sad note as Walter Jackson, the original instigator of the event, died a week earlier on the 27th September. The local residents, including one of his daughters, were the winning team - a fitting result really.


Anais' Two Castle's Run

Anais after completing the Two Castles 10km runFor the 2012-13 Rotary year, the Club are Hosting Ambassadorial Scholar Anais Salson from France. Anais is studying for a Masters Degree at the University of Warwick and performed an amazing service on behalf of the Bedworth Rotary Club by representing us in the Two Castles' Run - a 10km run between Warwick and Kenilworth Castles - on Sunday 9th June. Anais has been sponsored by almost every member of the Club, among others, with all the money going to The Rotary Wheel Appeal - one of our charities for the year. Anais completed the 10km is 57 minutes and 21 seconds, achieving her personal target of finishing in less than an hour. There is an online fundraising page still available if you would like to add to Anais' sponsorship. Anais approached local shops and businesses for sponsorship. You can see the ones that agreed to support her and a little about her build up to the 10km run in her blog.

Two Castles team for 2013


Five members of the Bedworth Rotary Club, supported by Toichiro Sugiura (another Rotary Scholarship Student), were involved in the event in a different way. They organised the official Race Car Park near the finish line in Abbey Fields. The objective was to provide safe and secure parking for as many of the participants and their supportors as possible - with the hope of a donation to the Club's charity fund being the only reward. Some people must have appreciated our efforts as we collected £314.07 in donations.

Thank you to everyone and congratulations to Anais!

The Rotary Club of Shipston on Stour have organised their Cotswold Walk for many years now. It takes in 7 miles across four counties, with some spectacular views on the way. The route is very well known to some of our members and our current President, Keith, and our newest member, Cecilia, will be joining regulars Paul and Lorna, who have taken part practically every year for most of the 25 years it has been running. The group will undertake the 7 mile challenge on Sunday 3rd May.

The full details are available on the event website - - but you can get an idea of the route from the map here.

Cotswold Walk Route


Frog LogoThe Bedworth Rotary Club has an unusual, but highly entertaining, form of fundraising. Using the skills of past and current members, two teams of four frogs are available for racing. For major events, all eight can be brought into play - given sufficient notice for full pre-event training to be carried out of course. Before we start receiving complaints, we would point out that no animals are involved here!

We cannot do justice to the concept in words, so here is a video clip to give you an idea of what we are talking about...

Our most recent Frog Race event was on Saturday 27th April at Bulkington Working Men's Club, Chequer St, Bulkington, Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 9NH.

Entry was just £8 for an amazing evening's entertainment with full audience participation and a fish 'n' chip or chicken 'n' chip supper.

This time we included a Bedworth vs the Rest of the World (largely Swindon Old Town Rotary Club, supplemented by students from France, Japan and India)!