Welcome to the website for the Rotary Club of Bedworth.

Bedworth is a town of a little over 32,000 situated in the north of the county of Warwickshire in central England. Our Rotary Club has been serving the community locally, nationally and internationally since its charter on the 15th December 1960.

We take part in and run a number of service projects (with Kids Out being a wonderful example), together with the fundraising activities necessary to support them. A reasonable portion of our fundraising efforts is also donated to other charities directly. It isn't all work though. The members and their families enjoy spending time together and we particularly enjoy blending fundraising with social events. Just come to our Frog Racing events to see what we mean about this!

We took the 2012-13 Rotary International theme of "Peace Through Service" to heart and ran a Peace Conference at The Christian Centre in Bedworth. The following year and we aimed to use the theme of "Engage Rotary, Change Lives" as inspiration to raise awareness of the desperate need for foster carers in our local area and for 2017-18 we are looking to "Make a Difference".

We have strong links with our local secondary school, Nicholas Chamberlaine School, with the Young Chef, Young Photographer and Young Musician competitions taking place there. We also involved the school in our Peace Conference by running a special series of sessions across a school day with them - something we have continued to do for subsequent years.